That wacky Mike Winder, formerly of the Summit Group (he had the class to quit that job) but still the mayor of West Valley City (no class there, sadly) got himself caught cheating the system – namely, The Deseret Morning Republican Party Newsletter system, by writing rave reviews about the town he mayors under a fake name.  With a skeptical eye and and little trust for a guy who quits the job with a few clients for being a gigantic embarrassment, but won’t quit being mayor with tens of thousands of constituents because he’s an elected republican – and everyone knows that in Utah, you can’t qualify for office if you have an ounce of political shame – something else is wacky. Namely, Wikipedia. Bear with me … it’s not Watergate or a teenager in a hot tub – but, well, there it is:

Interestingly, Mike Winder’s Wikipedia page was created by user “Biddenden.” []. Biddenden is an English town where John R. Winder, a Utah Pioneer, was born []. The wikipedia user Biddenden, also did a number of interesting posts, namely adding Mike Winder’s book to the “Presidents of the United States” page (, adding Mike Winder as “Notable Alumni” from Taylorsville High School ( User Biddenden has since been deleted from Wikipedia.

I’m just saying …

In addition to that, Winder just sent out the following email to all elected officials:

From: “Mike Winder ”
Date: November 23, 2011 12:24:54 AM MST
Subject: Recent Headlines

I wanted to send you a quick note in light of recent headlines to let you know how much I appreciate you and for you to know that I will always be someone that you can trust to confess when I make a mistake. I’ve also learned that newspapers don’t always get the facts right (I never created a false Facebook page, for example, despite what some report). Using a pen name to bring balance to the news coverage was a bad idea, and I apologize for disappointing you.

I also wanted to let you know that I am someone who learns from my mistakes, painful as public repentance may be. I am someone who takes full responsibility for my actions.

The race for Salt Lake County Mayor is beginning to take shape, and I want to let you know that it is an option that I am still strongly considering. I appreciate hearing your feedback as I weigh this important decision. (email: mike@mikewinder.comor my cell: 801.633.1300)

Thanks for joining me in the arena as part of Team Winder and happy Thanksgiving!

Mike Winder

Still considering running for Salt Lake County mayor … talk about “no filter” with a side of “no shame.” Ain’t life grand for a Republican in Utah? Maybe he and Paul Hunt can start a bowling league for GOPpers who don’t care about the folks that voted for them. Go ahead and run, Mike. The opposition ads are already writing themselves.

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