From the New York Observer (as of this writing) has no coverage of this national event on their front page stories. (Hard to imagine for a network that was so gung-ho about the Tea Party!) Red Eye‘s Bill Schulzwent out to try to “prank” the protestersBill O’Reilly sent a producer minion out with the same mission: to belittle OWS’s cause by cutting up interviews to make people sound stupid.

The problem for FOX is – sometimes a reporter wanders over to the MUCH BIGGER part of a protest – away from the drum circles and screaming teens – and points their derision at someone has a far better understanding of the world than the reporter himself.

Enter Jesse LaGreca:

In a news world where anything that can’t fit written on a match tip doesn’t make the broadcast – I like that Jesse talked quickly, one – to get all his points out and two – it’s harder to edit so Fox couldn’t cut it up and make him look bad. Good Job, Jesse