Jake and JC join me in studio … with Forrest both producing AND bestowing upon us new microphones. So, now, if we sound terrible – it’s all own fault.I apologize in advance – I’m not as punchy this week. My little 6 year old is going in for surgery and my head is over there with that and not here making smart-assed remarks at full energy. Priorities, eh? The show is pretty fantastic, though – give it a listen!

We covered a lot of ground this week, including flat out begging for several things from several different people – it’s sad, but we want to get out in the world – meet folk, get along! Iowa … you slutty little darlin’ – Betty vs. Veronica – Health Care is for Commies, I think, and so much more – Join us for a spell, won’t you?

The LEFT Show – #4! You’re A Horrible Person


And, with few links from this week’s episode –

70th Anniversary of Archie Comic at Night Flight Comics – CLICK HERE