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243 The LEFT Show – Together Alone

Crowded house this episode as JC, Bob, Forrest, and Taylor join JM Bell in the studio for a splendorous episode of The LEFT Show! It’s the announcement of Fat Camp 3’s winner, a lot of news about all the good stuff happening in the world, mixed all up with a lot of shit, you know, to keep it real.

The LEFT Show #243


STAR TREK Stars Receive New Contracts For A Fourth Film
Behold, the world’s first vagina beauty pageant
Richard Matt, Escaped Prisoner in New York Manhunt, Is Fatally Shot
Supreme Court Allows Nationwide Health Care Subsidies
Six Things To Do after the Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage
The Best (or Worst) Lines From Scalia’s Angry Dissent
Santorum Calls Charleston Shooting ‘Assault On Religious Liberty’
Lindsey Graham: The Confederate flag is ‘who we are’ –
Trump Campaign Reportedly Hired Actors at $50 a Head to Attend Campaign Launch
What Is Going On With This Bobby Jindal Announcement Video?
Texas Spending $800 Million To Build Its Own Personal Border Army
Dominican Republic certifies citizenship of 55,000 people, ending bureaucratic limbo
Wells Fargo Won’t Bow Down To Bigots, Will Keep Running Lesbian Ad
Rosetta’s lander Philae wakes up from hibernation

An Open Letter to White America

Dear White Christian America:

Just as when you demand Muslims stand up against Islamic terrorists to prove there are “good Muslims”, then I, a fellow white American, am publicly challenging you to stand up against white American terrorists when they kill black Americans in cold blood.

Don’t say it was a lone wolf, or a nut case, or shrug and shake your head about why it happened.

Stop telling racist jokes.

Stop proliferating racial stereotypes.

Stop vowing to “put white back in the White House”.

Stop brandishing your assault rifles as a pack of you roam poor black neighborhoods while claiming to be defending your constitutional rights.

Stop allowing institutional racism that leads to unarmed black men being gunned down by police, and our prisons being disproportionately filled up with black men and women who are convicted of the same crimes that white people often receive only probation for.

Stop allowing the Confederate flag to fly on or near public buildings; it is not a symbol of state’s rights, it is a symbol of slavery, oppression, and divisiveness.

Stop the hate.

Stop the killing.

Stop allowing all the things that have always kept us separate.
Find love, peace, and unity.

Robert A. Easton


242 The LEFT Show – Blatant Pornography Redux

By popular demand – I give you one of the two episodes with Bob Aagard – this is also one of our infamous Wednesday Shows! Oh, I miss these, but they’re only on election years, so … until 2016!

242 The LEFT Show


Oh, pornography. Such a sticky topic. Sticky enough, in fact, that we sort of blew off most of the other topics we had planned and talked through the nature of desensitization and how Rule #34 will always win.

Quang Dang and Bob Aagard joined JM, Forrest, and Ultimate Bob in the studio for a deeper than usual episode of The LEFT Show! Enjoy!

And here, my pretties, are your links:

Porn Makes Straight Men More Accepting of Gay Marriage?
Six Facts Lost in the IRS Scandal
Judge tells lesbian couple to separate — or lose kids
We Will Be The Judge Of How This Child-Selling Judge Should Go To Hell Forever
Appeals court upholds Ciavarella’s 28-year sentence
Rape: The NRA’s Newest Marketing Tool
Federal judge finds probable cause Fox News reporter helped leak classified docs
Atheist State Lawmaker Quotes Carl Sagan Instead of Doing Prayer Before House Session
Arizona House non-prayer sparks Christian re-do
Oil Rigs Make Bad Neighbors: Americans Harmed By Oil And Gas Drilling, Seek To Be Heard
Tesla Motors fully repays $465 million federal loan nine years early
Mayoral Candidate Endorsed By Jesus Christ Comes In Last, Loses To Gay Man
Fla. teen accidentally shoots off his penis and testicle
‘Four little girls’ killed in 1963 church bombing honored with Congressional Gold Medal

241 The LEFT Show – Cuddle Buddy


JC, Bob, AND Taylor all found somewhere else to be today, so Alex and Brenda filled in and made things both funny and fun!

241 The LEFT Show Podcast


The LEFT Show News

End Of FatCamp!
The 12-hour period from first shot to confirmed death of suspect
#McKinney Pool Fight was started by White Neighbors who racially slurred, attacked Black Kids
Tweets Are the Best Response to the White McKinney Man Who Called Police
McKinney cop had to defend himself from being ‘shanked’ by pool party teens
15-Year-Old Who Shot McKinney Pool Party Video Speaks Out
10 Stories That The Mainstream Media Ignored While Obsessing Over Caitlyn Jenner
Declassified Pentagon Report Proves US Helped Create ISIS
Jeb Bush to announce he’s running for president
Jeb Bush In 1995: Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed
Sanders discloses credit card debt
Science & Entertainment
R.I.P. ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Star And Heavy Metal Singer Sir Christopher Lee
Hammond And May To Reject £4m BBC Deal In Favour Of Joining Clarkson At Netflix
Country Star Tim McGraw Just Bought 144 Homes For Veterans
Dave Grohl breaks leg after falling off stage in Sweden, finishes concert anyway
Fox Host Hits Santorum On Pope And Climate Change: You’re Not A Scientist (VIDEO)
Chris Christie Suggests Students Sell Themselves To Investors To Pay For College
Glenn Beck Warns That 10,000 Pastors Are Willing To Die Opposing Marriage Equality
Rumsfeld Now Says George W. Bush was Wrong About Iraq
Burglary and Vandalism at Delta Restaurant and Home
Young Delta, Utah man robbed, had ‘Die Fag’ carved into his arm, forced to drink bleach
Washington Civil Rights Activist Outed as White by Her Parents

240 The LEFT Show – Itchy Turtles

A crowded house this weeks sees JC Carter, Bob Easton, Forrest Shaw, and Melissa Merlot joining JM Bell in the studio to cover the news of the week you thought you’d left behind!

240 The LEFT Show Download


The TLS Links

Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols Hospitalized Due to Stroke
The First Teaser Trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead is here!
‘Yoga Hosers’ Is A Counter To Male-Centric Comic-Book Movies
Amy Schumer: I’m 160 pounds and ‘can catch a d–k whenever I want’
Ted Cruz Endorses Background Checks
Graham: ‘Don’t vote for me’ if you’re ‘worn out by war’
Meet The Only Prominent GOP Presidential Candidate Who Accepts Climate Science
NOAA Study Confirms Global Warming Speed-Up Is Imminent
West Jordan students protest ‘sexist’ dress code with ‘not an object’ stickers
Female Student Loses National Honor Society Position For Wearing Sundress… In Florida Heat
Arkansas Family Values Rep Who Regifted Children To A Rapist Still Sure He’s The Victim
The Bizarre, Shania Twain-Based Argument For Keeping McDonald’s Wages Low
Selling Off Apache Holy Land
The Canadian Government Systematically Tortured And Abused Aboriginal Children For 100 Years
New Documentary Short “Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission” Focuses on Fan Series Star Trek Continues
The ‘Entourage’ Movie Accidentally Hired Real Porn Stars For A Sex Scene

239 The LEFT Show – Start With Stupid

It’s Taylor, Forrest, and JM Bell in the studio this week. We cover all the news that felt important to talk about, and fill in the giant middle parts with boobs, drugs, and yard work whining. It’s a dandy!

239 The LEFT Show 


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