No shows this week hasn’t stopped the gathering of news and sharing it on the DEFENMedia Slack channels. It’s one of the ways that we stay current, even when we’re not recording – like this week.

Here’s one we would have covered on The LEFT Show today –

US judge revokes mother’s right to visit son over her refusal to get Covid vaccine

Here’s one we would have covered on The LEFT Show and The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast –

Actor Ed Asner, TV’s blustery Lou Grant, dies at 91

Finally – here’s one we would have covered on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast –

Spiderman: No Way Home Official Teaser Trailer

In THIS particular arm of the multi-verse, there’s no way to tell what we would have said about any of the above news stories, but I’d like to think that in the off shoot where we have our own SiriusXM channel, we knocked ‘em out of the park.

In non-podcast life, the remodel of Dr. Volts continues, with me luckily taking a break today. Which is nice, because I had a wee accident yesterday that’s left me hurting quite a bit right now – both physically and emotionally.

A simple shifting of weight laid about 12 long boxes full of comics against the closed door of a shipping container. I was the unlucky opener of said door. The weight bounced the door off my forehead, then the falling boxes knocked me on my ass (I did an impressive ‘fat man rolling’ and came up on my feet … kinda), and I knocked the back of my head against the blacktop. Graceful – that’s me. Fred Fuckin’ Astaire.

This is the kind of shit that happens to me. On the regular. Part of me was grateful to get the inevitable accident out of the way early in the day, so I could just focus on the work, knowing the bad luck had already happened. Imagine my surprise and consternation when the floor grinder bucked and gave me a 4 inch gash down the shin.

On the regular.