It’s Monday in America™, time for The World’s Greatest Political Podcast™: The LEFT Show. This week, JM Bell delightedly welcomes back long lost JC Carter, and together, they solve all the things! We’re trying something new  this week– every two bad stories get one “good one” – let’s see how that goes with this week’s news. Jason is back with a new The Sidetrack Trying to explain the NY Times Trump voter obsession and why the probable explanation should make us really nervous about Facebook trying their hand at news editing too.

#378 World’s Greatest Political Podcast: The LEFT Show

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The World’s Greatest Political Links

B – Annapolis shooting suspect “wanted to get revenge,” lawyer for harassed woman says
B – Capital Gazette shooting suspect harassed woman who warned police he would be ‘next mass shooter’
G – Guinness to open its first American brewery in 64 years
B – 12-year-old black kid gets cops called on him for cutting neighbors’ grass
B – LGBTQ anti-bullying videos is accused of making a heterosexual student feel ‘bullied’
G – ‘Pool Patrol Paula,’ fired after allegedly assaulting black teenager
B – ‘Heat burst’ hits northeastern Plains; overnight temperatures nearly hit 100 degrees
B – From ketchup to toilet paper: Canada launching retaliatory tariffs
G – Bars can refuse service to Trump supporters, judge says
Medical marijuana opponents ask for emergency restraining order blocking it from the ballot