It’s Monday in America™, and time for The LEFT Show … and holy shit do we need it this week. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW? I didn’t spend the 80’s & 90’s beating up skinheads for this silly shit to pop up again. Trump, nazis, KKK, assholes … it’s insane out there.

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Parents of woman killed by Nazi terrorist say she had passion for justice
Alt-Right Members in Charlottesville Vow Not to Back Down
“If you’ve wondered  what you would’ve done …you’re doing it now.”
Donald Trump’s incredibly unpresidential statement on Charlottesville
Fire Marshals, A Gold Star Family, And Fox News: When Trump Takes Sides
One dead as car strikes crowds amid protests of nazi gathering in Charlottesville


341 The LEFT Show

by J.M. Bell | Monday In America