Right before we came into this weekend, Rep. John Lewis, hero of the civil rights movement, and writer of amazing biographical comic books, said he did not consider Trump to be a “legitimate president.” In part due to foreign meddling in the campaign process, and in part, I am sure, because I’m sure the Founding Fathers would have put something about Trump in the Constitution if they’d been able to think such dark, Apocalyptic thoughts 250 years ago. DailyKos has the roundup of Trump and his posse of white nationalists losing their minds in the public forum.
Trump’s incoming White House chief of staff says the congressman, civil rights leader John Lewis of Georgia, is being “irresponsible” and has started a “firestorm.”
So, the GOP & Trumps transition team have popped up on TV over the weekend to demand that President Obama do something to stop all the mean Democrats from shit talking the human Cheeto.
Reince Priebus tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Obama should “step up” and “call it what it is – it’s wrong what is happening, it’s wrong how some of these Democrats are treating President-elect Trump.”
Obama has already leapt far, far beyond where anyone could reasonably expect in being polite and respectful to people who spent years calling him names, and shitting all over his presidency – both terms he won with both the electoral AND popular votes.
GOPpers have no filter for their hypocritical bullshit, and with Trump now the head of their party, it’s signalling the rank and file of bigots, racists, and dummies that they can pretty much get away with anything they can want.