Well, folks., this is it. The last week that America can look herself in the mirror, and still call herself pretty. By the end of next week, she will enter her dementia phase – too much make up, tacky wigs, and extreme paranoia. A downward spiral to shit creek.

This week, JM Bell welcomes Deb Henry and Melissa Merlot into the studio to cover the important topics of the week. Trump voters are super surprised that they’re about to lose all their health cares, he made it onto the Human Rights Watch threat to humanity list, and attacked Rep. John Lewis … just to start off the MArtin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend!

Jason Williams is back with the first new The Sidetrack of 2017 on the newfound unity around Obamacare, 7 years too late, from Democrats, and how they still have no organized plan to fight Trump’s GOP.

#314 The LEFT Show

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314 The LEFT Show

by J.M. Bell | Monday in America