125 The LEFT Show’s – Not too shabby!

First piece of business, for those who were wondering, friend of the show, and my long time pal, Janneke, is safe and sound back in Boston, if a little frazzled. Remember – we pre-record The LEFT Show because we haven’t found a rich person with a sense of humor enough to fund live operations, so, this was obviously recorded before the bombing.

Celina Milner and and Ray Mondo are back in the studio with JM and Forrest. Jake is still AWOL and Jason seems to have joined him. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs really. Quite pathetic and unacceptable.

Regardless, here are you links!

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Republican leaders say social conservatives should not feel threatened http://yhoo.it/1138FiG
Obama, Deficit Hawk http://bit.ly/1138Muu
We Are Better Than This http://bit.ly/11397gI
Rand Paul Goes to Howard http://bit.ly/11390Sl
13 Oil Spills in the last 30 Days http://huff.to/15cwA6f
Cheney’s Warning On North Korea: ‘We’re In Deep Doo Doo’ http://bit.ly/11394kY
Eight Things More Difficult Than Owning a Gun http://huff.to/1138SCu