It’s a crowded room in the studio this week – JM Bell, Jason Williams, JC Carter, Forrest Shaw and Eric Ethington came in to celebrate Patriot’s Eve and get their rage on raging on.

We spend just the right amount of time ragging on CNN and Fox News, shouting “Neenerm Neener,” at the Republican’t Party and dancing in circles chanting “No Cost Preventive Care, No Cost Preventive Care!” while thousands of naked women (and the cast of Magic Mike for some reason) screamed and threw little pickles at us. It felt kinda normal at the time …

Romney Watch 2012, The GOP War on Skin Pigment, a Bat Sh@t Crazy so important, it’s a MUST LISTEN TO AGAIN.

All this and more …

#51 – The LEFT Show – Patriot’s Eve

The LEFT Show - It's What Patriots Eat For Breakfast


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