Republicant’s HATE Labor Day!

The annual reminder of safe working conditions, an end to child labor, the eight hour work day baseline, collective bargaining, workers rights, Weingarten Rights, the weekend and the expressing of a desire to receive honest pay for honest work.

That sort of stuff makes Republican’ts  SO MAD!

Keep in mind that Republican’ts and Blue Dogs are working every other day of the year to strip you – The American Worker – of your dignity, your rights and your ability to provide for your family. When you sober up from today’s festivities, remember to pen a letter to your elected officials and remind them that you – The American Worker – pay taxes and vote.*

Happy Labor Day, America! Good F’kn Luck!

*and then, for the love of God, remember to fucking VOTE like it means something and not because you’re afraid of what the neighbors might be thinking.