It’s Monday in America, time for The World’s Greatest Political Podcast: THE LEFT SHOW! This week, J.M. Bell and Taylor welcome JC back to the show, just in time for a continuation of the Supreme Court’s total destruction of the US Constitution! Some great news, some good news, and some news of the Religious Police State & January 6th. We even take a little trip through Utah and Wyoming for some insanity in politics.

#560 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show 

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Mushrooms could be legalized for personal use in NJ
Glasgow and Edinburgh first cities in Scotland to introduce ‘buffer zones’
Tesla employees had no place to sit, no parking slots
Los Angeles County votes to return beach property

Utah Republican apologises for saying women can control ‘intake of semen’


Court rules for former coach in public school prayer case
Supreme Court blocks order requiring La. to form a second Black congressional district
Women of Indian Country Respond to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade
Inslee Seeks Abortion Rights Amendment to State Constitution
Supreme Court Kills Tribal Sovereignty Too
Neil Gorsuch fumes that the Supreme Court ‘failed’
Supreme Court to hear case on state authority over elections
U.S. doctors see spike in vasectomies


Mom from Uvalde school shooting says police are targeting her
Boebert says she is ‘tired’ of separation between church and state
How much health insurers pay for almost everything


Even Fox’s talking knuckleheads looked stunned by Cassidy
Cheney Challenger: “All The Major Internets” Cheat
Utah legislator floats theory that election machines are changing votes

This Clip From Wyoming GOP Debate Sure Seems Like A Parody


10 of the Easiest Countries to Emigrate to
Breastfeeding mom saves pet goose from bald eagle
Fox News Host Aired A “Joke”
Kellyanne Conway’s Book Goes from Bestseller to No Seller in Record 3 Weeks
AOC Applauds Biden As He Backs Filibuster Carveout For Roe

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