It’s Monday in America, time for The World’s Greatest Political Podcast: THE LEFT SHOW! This week, J.M. Bell and JC Carter welcome back old friend of the show, host of the Godless Rebellution Podcast Dan Ellis! They talk through racist cars, crack pipes, and Russia. Wacky Republican hijinks, a revisit to more January 6th news, and The Former Guy makes more and more news. Yuck.

#542 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show 

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The LEFT Show Links


Shocking Racism Alleged In CA’s Lawsuit Against Tesla
Biden can’t let Manchin and Sinema block voting
Crack Pipes Never Included in Safe Smoking Kits
Russia has surrounded Ukraine on three sides


Why Doesn’t Biden Just Cave To Russia?
Greene warns of Nancy Pelosi’s ‘gazpacho police’
The Moment Sarah Palin’s Testimony Fell Apart
Johnson Proves Himself To Be A Racist After Denying It

JAN 6th

McConnell breaks with RNC: Jan. 6 ‘violent insurrection’
Marco Rubio Splits With Mitch McConnell, Says 1/6 ‘Riot’ Not Insurrection
Washington Man Sentenced to Six Months
Liz Cheney Scorches GOP: ‘J6 Committee Won’t Be Intimidated’


Trump was confused when White House staffers didn’t like him rewinding
Trump would eat torn up documents in the Oval Office
Trump Calls NYT Reporter ‘Maggot’
Steve Bannon thought Trump looked like Hitler


The James Webb Space Telescope Just Detected Its First Signal
Glitch in these cars means drivers can never change the radio
10 Foods We Can Never Eat Again Because of Climate Change
Anthony Weiner Is Back And Hosting A Radio Show