It’s Monday in America, time for The World’s Greatest Political Podcast: THE LEFT SHOW! This week, JM Bell has JC on to talk about some general interest news again, some COVID news again, the grooming habits of famous people, and some serious problems in American politics.

#520 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show 

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The LEFT Show Links


The Andrew Cuomo case as a microcosm of American politics
@rickhasen  explains why he is so concerned about state legislatures
Fans demand Blizzard rename Overwatch’s Jesse McCree
Matt Damon Says He Still Used ‘the F-Slur’ Up Until Some ‘Months Ago’
Tucker Carlson is broadcasting from Hungary
Japan shelters Belarusian sprinter who sought to flee at the Olympics


Sen. Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID-19
Florida Shock Jock Who Railed Against Vaccines Dies From COVID
Anti-vaxxer Dies Of COVID After Posting It ‘Was Nothing To Be Afraid Of’
Anti-vaxxer club boss, 56, dies of Covid
House lawmaker suing Pelosi over mask rule says he has COVID
Utah Family Shares Regret Over Not Getting COVID-19 Vaccine
Joe Biden Puts Ron DeSantis In His Place


More than 30m people to receive booster Covid jabs, starting next month
Devin Nunes Sues NBC, Claiming Rachel Maddow Smeared Him
Matt Gaetz whines that the media has treated him worse than Cuomo


Federal judge sanctions lawyers
70-year-old Halo announcer posts inspiring ‘trans rights’ video


Britney Spears just bought her first ever iPad and she’s beyond excited
Los Angeles air traffic control warns ‘jetpack guy is back’
Nevada man present at insurrection announces governor bid
Brothers killed by train in Charlotte
Woman Sues McDonald’s, Claims Burger Advert Compelled Her To Break Lent