It’s Monday in America, time for The World’s Greatest Political Podcast: THE LEFT SHOW! This week, J.M. Bell, Clarity Sanderson & JC Carter do their best to fight of existential crisis and analyze the news from this last damn week. The attacks on transgender Americans continue, and a Florida state of mind is often a terrible thing to taste. A quick trip to Fox News Land gives everyone vertigo, and not all heroes wear capes.

#507 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show 

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GOP Governor Squirms: Can’t Answer For Signature On Anti-Trans Bill
Caitlyn Jenner opposes trans girls in women’s sports as unfair
CEO fired after video showing him harassing teenaged boy
Josh Duggar Arrested For Child Porn, Shocking Absolutely No One


Can A Teacher Fly A Black Lives Matter Flag At School?
Trump’s response to the FBI’s raid of Rudy Giuliani
Paul Krugman blasts Giuliani’s son
Reporters uncover pile of receipts that question honesty of Junior
Donald Trump’s firm claims up to £500,000 via Covid-19 job fund


Jim Acosta Goes Off On The ‘Bullshit Factory’ That Is Fox News
Three men charged with federal hate crimes in fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery
Newsmax Admits To Lying About Dominion Voting Systems And Apologizes
New York Post temporarily deletes, then edits false story
Arizona GOP kicks out reporter after he tweeted pic of Trump insurrectionist at audit
What the group running Arizona GOP’s election audit tried to keep secret


Jen Psaki Swiftly Educates Reporter Who Questions Biden Traveling
LeVar Burton shuts down Meghan McCain on Dr. Seuss and ‘cancel culture’
Meet the man in a bear suit walking from Los Angeles to San Francisco
More Women Than Men Are Getting Covid Shots


A retro shaggy mullet will be the hairstyle for summer
Joe Biden Gives Dandelion To His Wife Because He’s Some Kind Of Monster
Republicans ask Biden to withdraw ‘divisive’ proposal to teach more Black history
Republican State Rep. and Substitute Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Kneeing Boy in Crotch