It’s Monday in America, time for the World’s Greatest Political Podcast ™ – The LEFT Show! This week, JM Bell talks to Clarity, and JC about the geek inheriting the Earth, more casualties on Capitol Hill, GOPpers run amok, and Jewish Space Lasers and the woman who fears them.

#498 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show 

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The merry adventures of Robinhood
Defiant Redditors buy Times Square billboard
New York Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman
AOC rejects Cruz support over Wall Street chaos
ADDENDUM Tucker Carlson Lashes Out At AOC For Calling Out GOP White Supremacy
THE RIOT REVISITEDDC police union reveals officers suffered ‘brain injuries’ in riot
‘Their inaction cost lives’: U.S. Capitol Police union rebukes leadership
House of Commons passes motion to designate Proud Boys a terrorist entity ASSCLOWN GOPPERS

Trump establishes ‘Office of the Former President’ in Florida
Oklahoma seeking to return $2M worth of hydroxychloroquine
House Republican introduces anti-trans legislation
States eye allowing concealed carry of guns without a permit


Marjorie Taylor Greene Is a One-Stop Shop For All Things Insane
Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames Jewish Space Laser For CA Fires
Parkland parent rips Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
I’m From Marjorie Taylor Greene’s District
TBT – House candidate who supports QAnon gave customers diarrhea

Biden’s Team Is Getting to Work to Reunite Migrant Families Separated By Trump
Amazon requests in-person unionizing vote for ‘valid, fair and successful election’


Man wakes up to woman holding a bag of pepperoni and drinking soda
Man dies from “extreme orgasm” during visit with sex worker
UK man jailed for having sex with chickens in front of wife allowed to keep pets
CIA tells retired personnel to refrain from working for foreign governments