Blame Canada.

Go ahead. Take a look to the North and see better health care, lower drug prices, and poutine – AND a leader worth more than a wet paper bag full of dog shit (minus the cost of the bag, and the dogfood that went into the making of the dogshit in the forst place. Look, what I’m saying is that Trump is worth less than poop, if you discount the cost of the food that …. you get it).

Anyway; Justin Trudeau, my 7th favorite Canadian*, came out and said a thing. A glorious thing. A LEADER LIKE THING.

That’s how America used to be … and I’m old enough to remember.

*Favorite Canadians

1. Thom
2. Craig
3. Chip Zdarsky
4. William Shatner
5. Nathan Fillion
6. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau