Follow the bouncing ball:

US Nationalism & xenophobia in the early 20th century closed American borders to European refugees, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Jewish, Intellectual, artist, and other race specific deaths in Axis occupied Europe. Same thing with Asian refugees from Japanese held countries, and various Africans peoples. America shut the doors, shitloads of people died that really shouldn’t have.

FDR gets us into WWII. America fights Nazis, Japanese, Italians, and other countries in the sway of Fascism. America celebrates how badass we are for decades until awesome morphs into stagnation and greed. Badass turns into national pride which evolves into the scourge of American exceptionalism. American exceptionalism evolves into modern conservatism, which grows like an anal cyst from Reagan, to Gingrich, to Delay, to GWB, anon, anon, until we arrive, as a kneejerk reaction to our first black President, The Mighty Cheeto – Trump.

Right before the weekend, Trump made refugees from non-white, non-Christian countries persona-non-grata in the states … with an executive order. The quickest defense of Trump’s action is, predictably, Right Wing chickenshit.

Republicans are terrified, which means that terrorism worked against them. Justification of their pissy-pants fear is pointing out that “it doesn’t say Christian anywhere” … WTF? I mean, even fucking Goebbels used code phrasing for his genocide. It’s historical context.

The context is simple: You Right have created a common fear, injected it into 50% of voters (minus 3.2 million, adding however many white power cousin fuckers that didn’t actually vote), and now they’re whipping it into gross nationalism and discriminatory xenophobia.

The GOP and their brown garbed sheeple are eagerly willing to make excuses for the Mighty Cheeto and his gang of dipshits. Painting by numbers, that’s a great way to set themselves up for a nice “I was only following orders” defence.

Here’s the thing: It won’t work. In simple point of fact, it will make things easier for the baddies to get in, when they figure out the simple shibboleth of screaming “Jesus Saves!” that GOPpers and Christers are fetishing to hear. Only white, Christian America’s distrust of tan (and darker) skin, will slow the entry of pretenders in the US. And, in this cast, the axiom “it takes one to know one” doesn’t work with Christianity.