It’s not that I don’t like Chris Hardwick – I do! I really do! It’s that … well, I’m jealous. Totally and completely. With the exception of his seeming allergy to political podcasting/programming, Hardwick is achieving the kind of milestones that we kind of want to achieve here on The LEFT Show (and every other DefenMedia property).

JM, Forrest, Utimate Bob, and Melissa are on hand to break down all the goofy news. From Utah to the world – it’s The LEFT Show!

#169 The LEFT Show – Petty Party



The Links!

QUICK UTAH NEWSSorry everyone else
Utah Elementary School Throws Out Kids’ Lunches in Front of Them Because of Parents’ Debt
Lunches seized from kids in debt at Salt Lake City elementary
2 Utah workers placed on leave as officials investigates why lunches taken from students
— Sutherland to pull misleading ad on anti-discrimination bill
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NASA Sued for Failing to Analyze ‘Alien Life’
10 Years Ago, Opportunity Rover Began a 90-Day Mission That Never Ended
NASA Images Find 1.7 Million Year Old Man-Made Bridge
Paleontologists brought to tears, laughter by Creation Museum
New species of river dolphin discovered in Brazil
Remains of 55 Bodies Found At Reform School – WZTV FOX 17 – Top Stories
The GOP War on Women 
My Vagina Smells Like Shame
College Activist Launches A Line Of ‘Consent Panties’ To Take A Stand Against Rape Culture
This Is The 7th Time A GOP Chairman Has Tried To Reach Out To Minorities
STUDY: Obamacare Will Raise The Poorest Americans’ Incomes By At Least 5 Percent
So much for that Republican Obamacare replacement plan
TX GOP Chairman: ‘Republican Party Doesn’t Want Black People To Vote (AUDIO)
Cokehead Trey Radel Resigning From Congress To Spend More Time With His Coke
CBS Host Laughs In Ted Cruz’s Face For Repeatedly Denying He Shut Down Government
Video: After Crashing Into Crown Fried Chicken, Man Strips, Pleasures Himself