This week on The LEFT Show …

We cover the silly CBS news department and their “Reply All” goof – that was painfully accurate and hurtful to Mad Michelle Bachman.

Mr. Peter Ashdown threw his gauntlet into the Senatorial Campaign Ring to run against Orrin Hatch – with style.

The TEA Party – well, sucks out loud.

Yet another Republican Debate … uggg.

And, of course, the Hellmouth that is Penn State.

Look – This is an episode – the Penn State part – with a lot of swearing and violent imagery – mainly of the vigilante justice variety. Play this episode for every man you know so that THEY know what to do when catch a bucket of human garbage raping a little kid.

A new Bat Sh@t Crazy with Jason Williams and another Working Family Agenda with Brian Faulkner.

All this and more!

#16 – The LEFT Show – Burn Penn State


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