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An Open Letter to White America

Dear White Christian America:

Just as when you demand Muslims stand up against Islamic terrorists to prove there are “good Muslims”, then I, a fellow white American, am publicly challenging you to stand up against white American terrorists when they kill black Americans in cold blood.

Don’t say it was a lone wolf, or a nut case, or shrug and shake your head about why it happened.

Stop telling racist jokes.

Stop proliferating racial stereotypes.

Stop vowing to “put white back in the White House”.

Stop brandishing your assault rifles as a pack of you roam poor black neighborhoods while claiming to be defending your constitutional rights.

Stop allowing institutional racism that leads to unarmed black men being gunned down by police, and our prisons being disproportionately filled up with black men and women who are convicted of the same crimes that white people often receive only probation for.

Stop allowing the Confederate flag to fly on or near public buildings; it is not a symbol of state’s rights, it is a symbol of slavery, oppression, and divisiveness.

Stop the hate.

Stop the killing.

Stop allowing all the things that have always kept us separate.
Find love, peace, and unity.

Robert A. Easton


#66 – The LEFT Show – Call It A Cow

Jake, Forrest and Jeff are back in the studio paying homage to the badassery that is Soledad O’Brian! Chaffetz, Sununu and Pawlenty all fall beneath her massive powers of “asking questions” and “challenging their fact free speaking style.”

Paul Ryan has a problem telling the truth, even AFTER he’s handed the documents that prove he’s lying. Voter ID Laws, America fire, half the country is a disaster area and “Legitimate Rape” seems to have popped up as something someone actually said.

Jason is still off somewhere

All this and more!

#66 The LEFT Show Podcast


#65 – The LEFT Show – Tellin’ me no, no, no!

Friend of the show Brian Faulkner dropped in to the studio to join Jake, Forrest and Jeff in saying farewell to Labor Leader and Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Judd.

We take apart the GOP Congress and the failure to address the simple fact that more than 50% of the counties in America – 50% of the counties in the USA – are now labeled disaster areas because of the drought. Oh, and, Speaker Boehner came around to the view that Climate Change is caused by man as he blamed the drought on President Obama. The drought.

Rumors are floating around that the Koch Brothers bought the Paul Ryan nomination for 100 million dollars to the GOP independent expenditure. Rumors. Soledad O’Brian WAFFLE STOMPS the boneheaded and unprepared. Wow. Oh, and, Rick Santorum thinks “ya’ll” is a racially charged word. Or something.

Former Presidents W. Bush and Clinton were in Utah this week, but Jason Williams was not, so no Bat Sh@t Crazy this week.

#65 The LEFT Show Podcast


#64 – The LEFT Show – Where’d you go?

This episode of The LEFT Show is a doozy of its type – Jake, JC, Forrest and Jeff gather in mourning as we lose George Soros to the perils of “traditional marriage,” but we get over it pretty quick with tales of manly prowess and making fun of Rep. Paul Ryan.

We look back at the Bush Administration’s report warning of a rise in Right Wing Violence and Extremism, and the how the GOP got mad at Obama for it … like they do with nearly everything Bush did that didn’t work, or that they don’t like.

Actress Elizabeth Banks drops into the studio to discuss the Presidential election*, The Westboro Babtists get attacked by ZOMBIES! and Chris Hayes tells us about the GOP Plan to violate the rights of millions of Americans at the Voting Booth.

Jason, bless him, is back with a TOP SECRET and super-intelligent Bat Sh@t Crazy.


* No, she doesn’t


#63 – The LEFT Show – Gimme A Break

The whole gang is here tonight, Jeff, Jake, Jon and Jorrest*. Star Trek NEWS starts off the week’s news, and good news it is, too. Then, of course, we move into Romney Watch 2012, and drop a new name on the segment, now that Rep. Ryan has taken the Alpha Male spot on the GOP Ticket (what is it with the GOP and having more manly VP choices? Cheney, Ryan, Palin?) called: THE ELECTION FUNTIME HAPPY WOW EXTREME … we’re just testing it out as we retool the show.

We’ve got the several things the GOP doesn’t want you to know about Paul Ryan – with a little The LEFT Show spin – and EVERYTHING IS OVER! Like that, see? Jason is back with an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy delving into the mass psychosis of the Republican Voter – it’s a fascinating episode.

The LEFT Show #63 – FOR FREE

* Forrest … poor fellow, feels so left out with his “F” name. 


#62 – The LEFT Show – The Man Comes Around (Again)

Show number two in which pre-recording causes that not-so-fresh feeling. Jake, Forrest and Jeff get started with the Tennessee Democrats and their giant whoopsie in nomination of a REPUBLICAN – sorry, Wackadoodle Crazy Guy.

Sen. Rand Paul gives everyone a serious case of the WTF’s, while Congress goes on vacation without addressing the Drought Relief Bill – kinda, you know, in the way only Congress can not do stuff. Romney says that releasing his taxes for the last decade would really screw him politically, so, no thanks to that and the gents discuss Jenna Jameson’s Romney endorsement.

The LEFT Show’s GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week is back with two particularly hateful and bigoted contestants: The Boy Scouts of America and the The Coalition of African American Pastors.

All this and MORE!

#62 – The LEFT Show Podcast

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