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#99.1 – BEST OF The LEFT Show – Roadhouse Girl

Hiya, folks! This is a “Best Of” The LEFT Show (The One With Brenda) as we get ready for our 100th Episode, our giant branding overhaul, getting Hold 322 moving to it’s new field of possibilities, and launching a couple of new shows for the network.

Basically, I’m busy as hell, and I’m going to start drinking in a few minutes.

This one has a Jason in it, too!

#99.1 The LEFT Show PODCAST



#99 The LEFT Show – Boxing Day BadAss-ery!

OMG, I think I’m hungover and I didn’t have a drop to drink. I finished off my bottle of 12 year old Glenlivet the Peter and Lisa Westbrook gave me for my birthday in 2009, a few weeks ago, and I won’t touch the Natural Light that Forrest left here.

Speaking of Forrest, he joined Jake and I in the studio for a Boxing Day Spectacular! Yay for boxing day!

We talked about the economy, and Republicans, and Republicans, and Racist Republicans (redundant much?), and Ambassadorial Republicans, and the South, and, finally, the South some more.

We also covered movies that make Jake cry, movies that prove Forrest is a Robot, and the fact that I had a wee little weep at a Kevin Smith movie. Seriously!

Oh, yeah! Jason loses his temper in an all new Bat Sh@t Crazy, which is GREAT!

#99 The LEFT Show – BOXING DAY 2012




#98 – The LEFT Show – XXX-Mas Eve 2012

Oh, it’s Christmas Eve … so, hey, let’s talk about gun control, shall we?

There were so many different stories about gun control; like this, and this, and this, and this, and this. Oh, and, the NRA stepped out in front of some cameras and said some really dipshitty stuff. And the reactions were grand.

Look, oddly enough, we did have some fun, and shared some stories, and had a few laughs. Won’t you join us this festive eve of Jul (Yule, X-Mas, Christmas, whatever).

#98 – The LEFT Show – XXX-Mas Eve 2012


Suck It, Whiny Christians!


#97 – The LEFT Show – Dry Spots

Alex Cragan from SLUG Magazine was held against his will for yet another action filled episode!

New News from the Walking Dead and Texas lets its ignorance bite it in the ass. The Boy Scouts of America continue to be just plain shitty and Bill O’Reilly tries to top them. The return of GOP Jesus (get it?) sees us stack the deck (with Satire) to make sure of the winner and Bristol Palin spends almost half a million dollars on her reality show.

Jason Williams is back to break down everything about health care … or something like that.

All this and more!

#97 The LEFT Show Podcast



#96 – The LEFT Show – Jackass Pugilist

The downward spiral (in content) continues! Jeff, Jake, Jon, and Forrest are joined in studio by Alex Cragun from SLUG Magazine, who bears witness to yet another screwy, out of control episode. This Monday show feels like a Wednesday show … which should excite you for Wednesday’s show!

We begin with the sad stuff that quickly runs to anger and arguments. Helped by Bryan Fisher from the American Family Association and his asshat comments; Rupert Murdoch, and his startling comments; and the Rock Hill Herald just screws up in a massive EpicFail.

Gun Control beats Texas secession on the White House petition site, but, folks also want a giant Star Wars Death Star, so, for all our faults and horror, some Americans are still pretty awesome. Hostess CEO’s proudly admit to raiding pension funds before their Cut-N-Run; Senator Al Franken is the BESTEST; Romney Watch 2012 has yet ANOTHER epilogue, and one young man in California is a stand up guy!

All this and MORE!

#96 The LEFT Show Donkey Punching



#95 – The LEFT Show – Woeful Countenance

I don’t know why, but sometimes I wonder just what the hell the point of it all is. Really. Then Sunday rolls around and I get to goof off with my friends. Takes a bit of the sting out of life, you know?

So – for Wednesday’s show, we discovered that pouring hot sauce on a prisoner’s private bits … not allowed. I mean, who knew, right? Didn’t George W show us the way on stuff like that? Speaking of cops, it looks like, in spite of all the right wing white people saying so, racism isn’t dead, but, white cops are trying to kill – well, kill.

Sens Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch vote against making the rest of the world behave like Americans … yup – you read that right. It’s either that they’re stupid, or just hate disabled people. Or both. I’m going to lean to both.

#95 – The LEFT Show – Podcast


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