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Dear UT Congressional District 3 – What the hell do I do now?

OMG! Chris Cannon’s lost? By 20? Wow …

So, who do I make fun of now? Chris Cannon is a favorite target due mainly to the ease at which he will open his yap and say something silly, backwards or racist so, what do I do on my show when a guest stands me up?

Let’s get started with putting the pieces of Jason together so that we can treat him fairly as well.

Today's McCain Myth: John McCain would stand up for America's small businesses.

McCain Myth Buster:
John McCain and America’s Small Businesses

Today’s McCain Myth: John McCain would stand up for America’s small businesses.

Washington, DC – John McCain says he will stand up for America’s small businesses and that “[e]ntrepreneurs are at the heart of American innovation, growth and prosperity.” But in reality as president Senator McCain’s health care plan would overburden small businesses, hurting both the entrepreneurs running them and the workers needing coverage. According to and the blog Think Progress, McCain’s plan would “encourage some employers, mainly small businesses, to drop health benefits,” it “could eventually eliminate job-based insurance altogether,” and would “weaken small business protections.” McCain’s voting record backs this up–in 2000, he actually voted against a tax credit for small businesses offering employee health insurance for low-income workers. [, accessed 6/9/08]

The economy is the number one issue this election, yet time and again McCain makes it clear he’s out of touch with the challenges Americans are facing. How else can you explain a voting record and plans that make it harder for small businesses to succeed?


Fact Check: McCain’s Plan Would Result In Employers, Particularly Small Businesses, Dropping Coverage. According to, “McCain’s plan to tax workers on the value of their employer-provided health care plans and provide tax credits would encourage some employers, mainly small businesses, to drop health benefits, say experts, and the proposal could eventually eliminate job-based insurance altogether.” Director of the health research and education program at the Employee Benefit Research Institute Paul Fronstin “says a tax credit plan like McCain’s likely would mean the end of employer-sponsored health care.” [, “McCain’s $5,000 Promise, 5/1/2008, ]

McCain Offers Little On Specifics On Affordable Health Care For Small Businesses. When asked about a “support system for small business” to keep workers comp down, and a more affordable health care program for small business and their employees, McCain discussed how expensive “free” health care from the federal government will be, his “$5,000 refundable tax credit,” and his “outcome-based treatment” plan. [CNN Live Feed (Santa Ana, CA), 3/25/2008]

McCain’s Plan Would “Weaken Small Business Protections.” According to the blog Think Progress, McCain’s health care plan would “weaken small business protections by enabling businesses to simply market insurance policies around the country from states with weak protections.” [, 4/25/2008, ]

2000: McCain Opposed Tax Credits For Small Businesses Who Offer Insurance. In 2000, McCain voted against allowing businesses with up to 25 employees to receive a tax credit for employee health insurance for low-income workers. [Senate Vote #205, 7/17/00]

NFIB Economist Says Economy Slowing. “Recession fears are spreading and the economy is showing definite signs of slowing, even on Main Street,” according NFIB Chief Economist William Dunkelberg.” [NFIB Small Business Economic Trends, May 2008]

After casting himself as a “Maverick” in 2000, the new John McCain is walking in lockstep with President Bush, pandering to the right wing of the Republican Party, and embracing the ideology he once denounced. On the campaign trail McCain has callously abandoned many of his previously held positions, even contradicted himself, in a blatant attempt to remake himself into a candidate Republicans can accept in 2008. So just who is the real John McCain? The Democratic National Committee will present a daily fact aimed at exposing the man behind the myth.


Dear Republican Fundie Nutjobs: Want to stop evolution? Combat Global Climate Change.

Pollution: 1. bad for everyone or 2. a myth perpetrated by goofy liberals who want sissy things like clean air, clean water and something other than subdivisions to pass onto our children?

Work with me here … according to the fundie nutjobs that talk to God three or four times a day (do you think God would spend anytime with these people? I think God would prefer the quiet, desperate prayers of those in need to the shouting, screaming, tantrums of the fundies who keep asking him to kill a lot of people that make them uncomfortable. I mean, God hasn’t committed a “blink of an eye genocide” in centuries; so, my guess is it was a short lived hobby that he eventually found distasteful… but I digress) God created everything just the way it is and there is no such thing as change, LET ALONE, evolution.

But what about DE-evolution?

From the enormous brain trust that is Io9:

Lake Washington, the largest lake in the Seattle area, has long been home to a soft-skinned fish called the threespine stickleback. But over the past fifty years, the lake’s population of sticklebacks has changed dramatically: today, most of the fish sport partial or full body armor, a throwback to their origins as saltwater fish covered in bony plates. (In the picture here, you can see an armored stickleback on top, with plates in red; a non-armored one is on the bottom.) What caused the rapid shift in the fish’s morphology? It sounds bizarre, but the mutation is the result of pollution being cleaned up in Lake Washington. A program started in the late 1960s to clear the lake of toxic sludge made the sticklebacks de-evolve.

So, clean up the pollution and stop all this Godless evolution? Boy, you Republicans are SO SCREWED since damage and danger from pollution and such is a farce. Being an ignorant dipshit must really suck. Too bad it isn’t painful.

Read the rest of the Io9 article HERE

DNC Releases New Ad – John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years

Dr. Gov. DNC Chair Howard Dean sent me an email with a message:

Dear [bestest buddy] JM Bell,

Watch our new ad on John McCain and IraqJohn McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years. He’s said it, and it’s on tape.

But his campaign hates that he was caught. They’ve viciously attacked anyone who reminded the American people that he said it, including me. They’ve said that those who reference the 100 years comments are “deliberately misleading voters.”

So we’ve taken John McCain’s own words — video of him saying that 100 years would be “fine with me” — and made a TV ad. There’s no confusion, no distortion, no misleading — it’s John McCain, on tape, for voters to judge on their own.

It’s one of the most powerful political ads I’ve ever seen. It’s devastating — and the McCain campaign will spend the rest of the election trying to fight it.

You can watch it here:


McCain is a risible, powerless wanker (McCain vs. the NC GOP)

There’s a fight brewing between the McCain campaign and the North Carolina Republican Party over an ad that the NC GOP wants to run. The ad is racist, at its core, and seems to paint a picture that Obama hates America because his pastor thinks that Freedom of Speech means … well, freedom to speak.

From the overwhelmingly attractive folks at TPM:

John McCain promised at a town-hall meeting today that he would bring “every pressure to bear” to stop the North Carolina GOP from running that ad hitting Obama over his controversial pastor, an issue that McCain said wasn’t a legit one.

Take a look:

Indeed, a top McCain strategist is now telling Time magazine that the ad won’t be running at all — the implication being that McCain managed to put the kibosh on it behind the scenes.

But guess what — a spokesperson for the North Carolina GOP just told me that this isn’t the case. Here’s the statement I just got from the spokesperson, Brent Wilcox:

I’m not sure where this gossip is coming from but that is not the case. The ad is still scheduled to run early next week.

The spokesperson added that it’s set to run statewide.

Crandall Canyon Disaster – Orrin Hatch is a sycophantic candyass

Senator Ted Kennedy, who heads the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, has a couple of things to say about last year’s Crandall Canyon Mine. So does Orrin Hatch.

Ted Kennedy is showing how a Senator is supposed to act.

Orrin Hatch is showing that he’d suck off a thousand Yale Graduates to keep the former Governor of Texas and his friends happy.

From Kennedy and the HELP Committee:

  • Murray Energy failed to make sufficiently conservative engineering assumptions and ignored the history of the mine’s instability.
  • Murray Energy ignored substantial evidence of instability during mining operations and continued mining until stopped by a powerful bounce.
  • MSHA ignored red flags that should have prompted an exacting review of mining operations, the most obvious being the March “bounce” that closed the north barrier.
  • Evidence uncovered by the investigation reflects that Murray Energy was illegally mining the remnant barrier pillar just before the accident in August.

And from Hatch, via KSL, we have the defense of Murray Energy and MSHA (which, you may recall, is headed by a mining guy famous for running the most dangerous mines in America) :

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch says the federal government’s non-partisan mine safety commission at the Labor Department is best equipped to investigate the matter. “Their report will come out later this year. We’ve just got to wait until all the facts are in before we decide what action should be taken. And to do anything else at this point would be simply premature,” he said.

You know, from Hatch’s twisted, unethical and obviously partisan pony boy perspective, I have to conclude that he wants to wait it out, hoping we’ll forget the dead miners, the crazy antics of Hatch’s bathroom buddy Murray, and that the MSHA report (which will blame an act of God) will give him ground to send a giant earmark to Murray Energy as a way of apologizing to Crazy Bob for all the hullabaloo about those pesky dead miners.

Or something like that.

Maybe Hatch is just that f**king dead inside.

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