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319 High Crimes

It’s Monday in America™, and JM Bell has JC Carter, Nerd Store Owner Charles Prows, and last minute save the day lady Melissa Merlot in the studio. This week the gang covers Trump, Russia, Issa, Chaffetz, and Treason. We also cover Sanders, the DNC, Ellison, and Perez. The Affordable Care Act vs Obamacare, and Orrin Hatch’s war on the sick! It’s All In HERE!

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318 Sex Workers Unite!

It’s Monday in America™, and JM Bell has Taylor Hunsaker, Deb Henry, and JC Carter in the studio! This week we reset the tone, the flow, and the intensity to something more like the show you need, and less like the show you deserve!

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317a – Sick Day Replay

Do you know the difference between a Squid, an octopus and a starfish? Well, listen to this week’s episode, and special guest Troy Hughes explains … well, you still won’t know.

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#317 Anon, anon, Sir!

Breaking down the weekly Trumping, Steve Bannon and the National Security Council, Utah Republicans and their culture of rape protection, and federal lands mismanagement.

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316 – Narcissist Cheeto

Trump is already pissing off the globe, proving his ignorance, showing the world that fascism can also start with clumsy, tiny ham fisted, inarticulate, knee jerk goose steps.

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The Written Rants

Christensen Family Assistance

Do This, Please Our very good friend Jocelyn, from Geek Therapist, unexpectedly lost her wife, Kaya Christensen, this Saturday. If you could take a moment to help her family with the funeral costs, we know it would be very appreciated. CLICK HERE TO HELP... read more

Day 3 – Alternative Facts

Following up from yesterday – Kelly-Anne Conway went on the Meet The Press and said that Spicer wasn’t lying, that he was using “Alternative Facts” … in the middle of a feat of bullshit linguistic gymnastics the likes of which I’ve... read more

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