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347 TLS – The Jazz Singer

It’s Monday in America™, and time for The LEFT Show! JM Bell has JC back in the studio … just him, again. That’s okay, though, because we have a spiffy announcement about that sort of thing. Puerto Rico, Hurricane Katrina (yes, you read that right), the NFL, and so much more. A new MANSplaining introduces you to San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz!

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018 MANSplaining – Dr. Denmark

This week on MANSplaining, JM Bell would like to introduce you to Leila Alice Denmark. She was an American pediatrician in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the world’s oldest practicing pediatrician until her retirement in May 2001

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346 TLS – Big Pig, Bonk, Track 9

It’s Monday in America™, and time for The LEFT Show! This week, JC is back in the studio … just him. No Taylor, even though she’s back from the UK. Sad face. Anywhooo – This week, Jeff and Jon mourn the loss of a wonderful friend, talk about the snow in Scotland, break apart the problems in the NFL, and get super pissed about what’s going on with the Jews in Texas. 

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017 MANSplaining – Dominique Crenn

This week on MANSplaining, Jeff introduces Dominique Crenn, the incredible chef with two Michelin Stars! She has a plan to make the world a better place. Come on and click! Meet the next big thing! 

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345 TLS – Old Folksy Home

It’s Monday in America™, and time for The LEFT Show! This week, JM Bell welcomes Tom Cheevers from The CoffeeCast, and Peter Jones, from some of the darker places in Jeff’s past … kinda. We make the run from The Generic Staffer to the Dangers of seeing if you’re a victim of the Equifax data breach. NOTE – DO NOT CHECK until you listen to this episode. 

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343 TLS – The Navajo Issue

It’s Monday in America™, and time for The LEFT Show! This week on the show, JM Bell has JC Carter and Charles Prows to talk about Reagan’s love for the Nazis (origin of the both sides), and the (redundant) effort centrist Democrats are expending to make sure that Republicans keep running the show.

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017 Roast – Labor’s Lost Loves

This week on JM & Tom Roast Everything! We delve into the history and motivations behind creating a Labor Day in America, and (perhaps) uncover how Sean Connery is being used by the Koch Brothers to DESTROY AMERICA! I think. Maybe. 

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The Written Rants

Day #7 – Broken, Battered, Bleeding

In simple point of fact, it will make things easier for the baddies to get in, when they figure out the simple shibboleth of screaming “Jesus Saves!” that GOPpers and Christers are fetishing to hear.

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