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The Written Rants

Day 4 – Oblivious

Eight years of “Obama’s coming for our guns!” yet, after fucking Newtown, when nothing AT ALL happened from the left, GOPs cranked up the paranoia instead of calming the fuck down.

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Christensen Family Assistance

Do This, Please Our very good friend Jocelyn, from Geek Therapist, unexpectedly lost her wife, Kaya Christensen, this Saturday. If you could take a moment to help her family with the funeral costs, we know it would be very appreciated. CLICK HERE TO HELP... read more

The LEFT Show Podcast!

315 – What. The. Hell?

J.M. Bell, Brenda Bell, JC Carter, Tiffany Doncouse, and Jason Williams! It’s a wagon full of epic moments this week! GIRD YOUR LOINS!

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314 – Prolapses and Pyramids

Well, folks, this is it. The last week that America can look herself in the mirror, and still call herself pretty. Next week, she will enter her dementia phase

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312 PAC – Happy Season Something!

We didn’t record this weekend, but, fear not! As a special gift to you this last week of a shitty, shitty year here is the Patreon Exclusive The LEFT Show After Chat for last week’s episode #312! Sgt. Jake, Melissa Merlot, and JM Bell – it’s an XMas miracle!

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5 Merry Happy Humbugs!

I’m not going to bloviate or pontificate on this one, because I had a pretty good day. I thought I’d share five things I enjoy this time of year.

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312 Beginning of the End

Welcome to the last The LEFT Show of 2016 – time to get ready for 2017: The Series Finale of America! In this episode, we have both Melissa Merlot and Sgt. Jake in the studio with JM Bell.

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