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324 – Topamax Tales

Mitch McConnell broke the Senate, Trump announced that he has a favorite kind of dead baby, and Jeff Sessions wants to refire the war on drugs. Another week of dipshittery.

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323 – On The Absence of god

This week – Jeff has a bit of a tantrum about the bullshit of American Religion 
“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” – Elvis

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003 Roast – Screamy, Yelly

There’s a guy who used to live in Portland, but he ran away because of all the liberal Nazis.
There used to be Constitution in the United States of America, but it ran away because of all the liberal Nazis.

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322 Hell, I don’t know

THIS WEEK! J.M. Bell got Melissa Merlot, JC Carter, and the one, the only Bill Frost into the studio! Breaking this into pieces, we once again plumb the depths of news and information to bring you, dear listener, solid, fact based edification! Also – the return of Podcast Phil?

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002 Roast – Promises and Words

Jeff ties Elvis, Michigan, Ho Chi Min, Nixon, Ford, Truman, Israel, and Palestine to Trump and the GOP “Healthcare Plan” to kill 47,000 people, on purpose and with with intent. Tom paints the biographical set of snapshots from Jimmy Breslin, blue collar writer, and poet of the man who dug JFK’s grave, and the blood on the hands of the leaders of the world on the US invasion of Iraq.

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A quiet and reflective show this week, with just JM Bell and Deb Henry in the studio. Jeff is giving in to the migraines, and Deb is driving too much. Aside from that, normal show, with a bit less yelling than you’re used to.

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001 Roast – Taxes and Taxes

Welcome to the first episode of J.M. and Tom Roast Everything! This week, Tom takes apart the oddities of Trump’s “leaked taxes”, and J.M. follows with a short history of American Exceptionalism, using three specific examples.

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320 Tale of Three Ladies

What do Stoya, Chloe Morgane, and London Andrews have in common? JM Bell, Taylor Hunsaker, and Melissa Merlot spend a chunk of time talking about them, and how they’re all perfect. All of them. Republicans, Libertarians, Jason Chaffetz, and The Narcissistic Cheeto don’t fare nearly as well.

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319 High Crimes

It’s Monday in America™, and JM Bell has JC Carter, Nerd Store Owner Charles Prows, and last minute save the day lady Melissa Merlot in the studio. This week the gang covers Trump, Russia, Issa, Chaffetz, and Treason. We also cover Sanders, the DNC, Ellison, and Perez. The Affordable Care Act vs Obamacare, and Orrin Hatch’s war on the sick! It’s All In HERE!

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318 Sex Workers Unite!

It’s Monday in America™, and JM Bell has Taylor Hunsaker, Deb Henry, and JC Carter in the studio! This week we reset the tone, the flow, and the intensity to something more like the show you need, and less like the show you deserve!

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317a – Sick Day Replay

Do you know the difference between a Squid, an octopus and a starfish? Well, listen to this week’s episode, and special guest Troy Hughes explains … well, you still won’t know.

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The Written Rants

Day #7 – Broken, Battered, Bleeding

In simple point of fact, it will make things easier for the baddies to get in, when they figure out the simple shibboleth of screaming “Jesus Saves!” that GOPpers and Christers are fetishing to hear.

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Day 4 – Oblivious

Eight years of “Obama’s coming for our guns!” yet, after fucking Newtown, when nothing AT ALL happened from the left, GOPs cranked up the paranoia instead of calming the fuck down.

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