It’s Monday in America, time for The World’s Greatest Political Podcast: THE LEFT SHOW! This week, JM Bell has JC Carter on to talk about the news of the week! Sky Daddy works in mysterious ways, and Covid News takes center stage. Lunacy in GOP politics, and the right wing attack on free and fair elections continues.

#523 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show 

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Hurricane Ida obliterates the offices of Project Veritas
Satanists may be the last hope to take down Texas’s abortion bill
Joe Rogan Says He Has COVID-19


Leader of movement behind bleach as a ‘miracle’ Covid cure charged
Woman survives COVID-19, discovers husband died at home
US judge revokes mother’s right to visit son over her refusal to get Covid vaccine
Brazilian viper venom shows promise as drug to combat COVID
Gov. Lee hopes parents send children to school in masks


Mike Lindell vows to ‘go after’ reporter
Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Greene hit with ethics complaints


GOP prepared to spend $680,000
Experts warn of dangers from breach of voter system software
G.O.P. Election Reviews Create a New Kind of Security Threat
Paul Ryan says it’s ‘really clear’ Biden won fairly in 2020
Trump helped bankroll Senate audit, texts suggest
Election Deniers Organize to Seize Control of the GOP


‘vast majority of Afghans’ view Taliban as ‘lesser of two evils’ compared to the US
White supremacist praise of the Taliban takeover


Transgender youth who have socially transitioned fare as well
China Wants ‘Sissy Idols’ and ‘Effeminate Men’ Scrubbed From Entertainment
Odisha: Fake doctor, journalist arrested in Nayagarh
Alabama man gets life in prison for shooting man in head over Cracker Barrel parking spot
Omaha man stabs himself in leg while driving