It’s Monday in America, time for the World’s Greatest Political Podcast ™ – The LEFT Show! This week, JM Bell, Clarity Sanderson, and JC Carter call in to tear into all the news that seems to be all bad. Win one, lose a big one for Native Americans; lose one for Americans all over, and selling our soul for $1,200. Trump and the COVID-19 round out the news, and a company in Texas is trying to steal their employee’s stimulus checks.

#454 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show


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AUDIO $500 billion slush fund for corporations AUDIO
I mean, sure, “economic patriotism” sounds a lot better than “death panels,”


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Teenage boy whose death was linked to COVID-19 turned away from urgent care
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Trump Barks At Fox’s Bill Hemmer For Asking Him About COVID-19 Testing Delays
Trump sends cease, desist letter
Senate Republicans knew the country was facing disaster


Texas company looking to dock paychecks for those receiving stimulus checks
Trump Says He Told Pence to Ignore Governors in Hard-Hit Areas If They Are ‘Not Appreciative’