It’s Monday in America, time for the World’s Greatest Political Podcast ™ – The LEFT Show. This week JM Bell, Clarity Sanderson, and JC Carter talk about how silly NASA is these days, and how the GOP government, who claims to love the military, ignores the military, and abuses veterans. From the GOP attack on trans people, to Dean Cain soiling Superman’s cape; all this and a new GOP Jesus of the Week!

Jason is back with a sneak peek at a new The Sidetrack project!

#416 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show

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Journey Into Science!
Japan’s JAXA space agency just bombed a crater into the asteroid Ryugu…for science.
Performance Products Like Space Suits SHOULD Be Designed For Women, Too
U.S. Air Force bases caught off guard by climate change
Journey Into Dipshittery!
GOP was determined to exclude protections for trans people from VAWA
Fox News Hosts Bash Veterans For Taking Benefits From VA
Dean Cain Thinks Boycotting Georgia Over Its Bad Abortion Laws Is A Violation Of State’s Rights
Journey Into Jesus!
#1 – Ohio pastor encouraged other ministers to have sex with ‘groomed’ teen
#2 – Pennsylvania Lawmaker Prays for God’s Forgiveness
Journey Into Schiff!
Barr Suppressed Report Summaries Mueller’s Team Prepared For Public
Mueller report rules were written to give Congress access
Adam Schiff Presents His ‘Evidence of Collusion’