It’s Monday in America, time for the World’s Greatest Political Podcast ™ – The LEFT Show. This week JM Bell, Clarity Sanderson, and JC Carter talk about The Writer’s Guild of America, Alex Jones’ new meltdown, Adam Schiff’s hero moves, and Fox News viewers freak the hell out. Trump is tired, Betsy DeVos is so, so, so evil, and @AOC will fight for the haters, too!

Jason is back with Part 11 of The Sidetrack’s continuing series on Beating Trump in 2020. This week, the DCCC announcement that they are going to sanction and block consultants and vendors who work with primary challengers. Have you seen their fundraising emails? These are the people who get to decide who’s in and who’s out? Nu huh no way.

#415 The World’s Greatest Political Podcast – The LEFT Show

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Writers Guild Posts Scathing Video Attack on Agency Packaging
Writers Guild Begins Voting on ‘Code of Conduct,’
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Judge Napolitano backs Schiff on obstruction evidence
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Trump aides fear ‘tired’ president is wearing down
Betsy DeVos is at it again
Betsy DeVos Staying Strong After Noble Plan To Gut Special Olympics Funding Falls Through
She’ll still fight for their health care.