It’s Monday in America™, time for The World’s Greatest Political Podcast™: The LEFT Show. This week, JM Bell, JC Carter, and Clarity Sanderson tell several stories about racism with happy endings – that’s rare! The Russians bought the NRA, and the NRA banged a redhead, and the Redhead was a Russian spy, and Congress passed a law that the NRA doesn’t have to talk about banging the Redhead, nor that the NRA is now owned by the Russians. I think. Trump hates the arts because he can’t get anyone to hang out. Carter Page is awful, Devin Nunes is worse, and the GOP is complicit in treason. Jason Williams is back with an optimistic The Sidetrack about pundits suggesting that Democrats shouldn’t run against trump are idiots, and the GW Politics poll is out and it’s pretty good news for Dems.

#381 World’s Greatest Political Podcast: The LEFT Show

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