It’s Monday in America™, time for The World’s Greatest Political Podcast™: The LEFT Show. This week, JM Bell, JC Carter, and Clarity Sanderson are out in the world with Bob Easton and Chris Hoffman at The NERD Store to celebrate  The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast 300th episode. There’s a lot of cover, from Trump abroad to his GOPper minions back here in the states, the world is full of totally shit news. Jason is back with a new The Sidetrack about Killing the Catharsis Theory. Could that dodge-ball game in PE class be contributing to American violence? Research says yes.

#380 World’s Greatest Political Podcast: The LEFT Show

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The World’s Greatest Political Links


Roy Moore Threatens Lawsuit Against Sacha Baron Cohen


1 – A 1-Year-Old Boy Had a Court Appearance Before an Immigration Judge in Phoenix
2 – White House claims Scotland is not part of UK in awkward Twitter gaffe
3 – Trump criticized for his stroll with Queen

BONUS: Trump responds to Russian meddling by repeating debunked DNC conspiracy theories

GOPpers AND …

Immigrant detainees are being held at an EPA Superfund site
Indiana has spent over $20 million on cleanup of failed Pence family gas stations
“Hungry and cranky”: GOP candidate defenses for why he shared white nationalist tp’s


Jim Jordan tries to attack Rosenstein, the room erupts in laughter
There is… one extraordinarily important piece of evidence
Ex-GOP lawmaker: Strzok hearing ‘was a humiliating day’ for Republicans


MAGA hats made in China may increase in price because of tariffs
Note written on Woolworth’s chicken package mistaken for curse word