357 The LEFT Show

by JM Bell | The LEFT Show Season 8

Well, It’s Monday in America™, and time for The LEFT Show. Welcome back from the holidays, or whatever. This week, working my way through the phone book, only Tom answered the phone, because he’s awesome, and JC had pneumonia.

This week, we’re skating through a bunch of current bad news, but, at the end, some relief from the year we left behind. Next week … maybe we’ll find some optimism for the year’s ahead predictions?

#357 The LEFT Show

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GOP lawmakers surprised to learn no black soldiers served under Confederacy https://goo.gl/7iNY8N
Trump Administration Fires White House HIV Council Members https://goo.gl/fQL44L
GOP ‘can win a surprising election this fall’ if Dems are ‘party of socialism’ https://goo.gl/Lig7g1
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President https://goo.gl/b6Q8NP
Maybe Sex Robots Will Make Men, Not Women, Obsolete https://goo.gl/FMgBF5
John Young, who set records in space with NASA, passes away at 87 https://goo.gl/eMy9Xb