352 The LEFT Show

by JM Bell | The LEFT Show Season 8

It’s Monday in America™, and time for The LEFT Show!  .. well, a rerun. Taking a sick / no room in the studio this week because, well, I’m sick, and I’ve been packing up the studio for the move to … who the hell knows yet? Anyway – I have a special treat for you – Episode 307! Let’s see how bad things have become over the last year, shall we?


I love being right. I LOVE IT and I always have … until last Tuesday. Dear god … I hate last Tuesday. So, anyway, great job America. You let old white people take one last 4-year swing at making sure they leave the world in a smoking ruin. Yup, you can guess what JC Carter, Tom Cheevers, and I are talking about.

352 The LEFT Show Podcast

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Links from 307

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