It’s Monday in America™, and time for The LEFT Show! This week, JM Bell has JC Carter in the studio to welcome the return of Sgt. Jake, and to introduce Clarity Sanderson (kinda)! There’s a lot of do with opiates, Hugh Hefner, and Orrin Hatch. The Black Death is back and this time, it’s personal. The White House staffers … are totally fucking nuts.

All this and more!

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Orrin Hatch: “I’m planning on running again”
Kellyanne Conway Proposes Stunning New Idea to Stop the Opioid Crisis
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Flat-Out Lied About Russia
WHO scales up response to plague in Madagascar
Plague warning in NINE countries amid fears BLACK DEATH could spread
10-Year-Old Girl Is Detained By Border Patrol After Emergency Surgery


The LEFT Show #349

by JM Bell | Monday in America