A quiet and reflective show this week, with just JM Bell and Deb Henry in the studio. Jeff is giving in to the migraines, and Deb is driving too much. Aside from that, normal show, with a bit less yelling than you’re used to. Look below, we covered a lot.

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Germany Reacts to Merkel-Trump Visit: ‘Could Have Been a Lot Worse’ http://nyti.ms/2mi9ryV
Angela Merkel http://bit.ly/2mhUY5Y
Donald Trump tells Angela Merkel to pay ‘vast sums’ owed to NATO http://bit.ly/2mi21vG
Merkel and Trump can’t hide fundamental differences in first visit http://bit.ly/2mi2HB9
 James Mattis says climate change is already destabilising the world http://ind.pn/2midc7w
John Oliver Blasts Donald Trump’s Wiretap Claim As “Stupid Watergate”! http://bit.ly/2mi1BW4
Report Confirms Fox News’ Napolitano Repeated Russian Media For His British Theory http://mm4a.org/2mi4aap
Russian parliament hits back with probe of American media http://dailym.ai/2midgUE
Majority of young adults in US view Trump’s presidency as ‘illegitimate’: poll http://bit.ly/2mhVeSu
Kellyanne Conway’s husband tapped for DOJ role http://cnn.it/2mi14DD
White nationalist gets his money from cotton fields – and the government http://bit.ly/2mi4LsM
Trump’s ‘major meeting’ on veterans affairs doesn’t happen http://politi.co/2mi5MAU
You could feed 5,967 homebound seniors for a year http://bit.ly/2midD1E
Palm Beach Mayor Says They May Have to Raise Taxes to Pay for Trump’s Visits http://for.tn/2mi3It2

321 The LEFT Show

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