What do Stoya, Chloe Morgane, and London Andrews have in common? JM Bell, Taylor Hunsaker, and Melissa Merlot spend a chunk of time talking about them, and how Jeff thinks they’re all perfect. All of them. We hit on Republicans and they’re stupid Health Care idea, take a swipe at Libertarians (’cause they have it coming), and take a passing shot at The Narcissistic Cheeto – just because. Jason Williams is back with an all new The Sidetrack about what a piece of shit Paul Ryan is. Pretty simple, really.

#320 The LEFT Show Podcast

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House Republicans Unveil Bill To Repeal Obamacare http://huff.to/2mfV3lM
Chaffetz: Americans should forgo new iPhone to afford health care http://politi.co/2mg632q
Insurer Says Paul Ryan’s Health Care Plan Fails at Its Only Goal: Making Coverage Cheaper http://slate.me/2mg4otK
GOP lawyers admit that repeal plan will cut off coverage to millions  suffering from mental illness http://bit.ly/2mfYCbD
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Meet the Leader of the #SwoleLeft http://bit.ly/2mg336m
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Poor, sick and voted for Trump: Now what? http://bit.ly/2ndiWiI
American Gods changed from the book due to Trump http://bit.ly/2ndd49o
Essential ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: 9 Must-Watch Episodes http://bit.ly/2ndsESw
The Internet Reacts After Mom Cancels Disney Trip Over Gay Character  http://huff.to/2ndt6Ad


320 The LEFT Show

by J.M. Bell | Monday In America