Well, that sure was fun! 240 years is nothing to sneeze at, folks. The United States had a great run, and now that we’re on the verge of following Rome, Egypt, Atlantis, and Mesopotamia into the foggy memories of history, I just wanted to take this time as mention that I voted for Bernie Sanders.

This is a special Election Day Eve version of The LEFT Show for 2016, featuring JC Carter, Deb Henry, Melissa Merlot, and me, JM Bell. This year got weird on SO MANY LEVELS, but, hell, that will make the end that much more exciting, no?

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Comey Gives All Clear On New Clinton Emails http://bit.ly/2fvrbz3
The New York Times used 2 full pages to print all of Donald Trump’s insults from the campaign http://read.bi/2eCVINs
Trump Just Embarrassed Himself, Proved He Has NO IDEA What The GI Bill Is http://bit.ly/2fvkxJ7
Trump just proposed ending all federal clean energy development http://bit.ly/2fvtzWs
Virginia Trump Supporter Patrols Polling Place With Gun And Cops Say They Are Okay With That http://bit.ly/2fvhJvk
Republicans Silent After Jason Chaffetz Busted Using Personal Email Server http://bit.ly/2fvlmkV
GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Reported To FBI For Using Potential Illegal Private Email Server http://bit.ly/2fvnqcJ
An open letter to Jason Chaffetz after he switched back to Trump http://bit.ly/2fviip2
U.S. House battlegrounds, 2016 http://bit.ly/2fvkf4Y

306 The LEFT Show

by JM Bell | Monday In America