It’s the initial twins again this week – J.M. and JC are in the ol’ Defen Media studio to talk of the news from the week you thought you’d left behind! From a nutless Trump, to the moon in 4 days. It’s all in there, and it’s pretty damn good.

#297 The LEFT Show


The LEFT Show 

Watch Donald Trump Spend Exactly 49 Seconds ‘Helping Out’ Louisiana Flood Victims
Naked Donald Trump statues pop up in several cities AUTO PLAY
Trump blasts ‘rigged’ Clinton system in first general election TV ad
Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons
Justice Department Says Poor Can’t Be Held When They Can’t Afford Bail
Supreme Court Defiantly Cuts Legs Off Of NRA With This Historic Ruling
Court: Hobby Lobby ruling OKs some employment discrimination
Teen accused in face-biting slayings claimed superpowers
Scotland says no to homophobic Pastor Angus Buchan
‘God’s Guy’: 25 Religious Right Justifications For Supporting Donald Trump
America Was Born 60 Years Ago
NASA’s ‘impossible’ EM Drive works: German researcher confirms
NASA now says it needs help redirecting an asteroid
Larry Wilmore Opens Up About ‘Nightly Show’ Early Exit
Joe Biden, America’s Honorary Cool Uncle, Also Releases a Summer Playlist