First – my apologies for posting absolutely nothing last week. The day got away from me, and by the time I caught up … I haven’t yet caught up.

This week, we have a fluid cast of friends in the studio. Taylor Hunsaker, Bob Kubichek, Jackie Morgan, and Hanna Stansberry all swing through the area to say hello and talk about one seriously messed up week. Obviously, we talk about Orlando, but, we get around to saying good-bye to Muhammad Ali, finding the seeds of life on comets, and DC’s inability to score an R. 

#289 The LEFT Show


‘The Greatest’ is gone: Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dead at 74
Hillary Clinton celebrates victory
‘Anti-Obama’ Diner Owner Who Hates Welfare Recipients Convicted Of Welfare Fraud
Defeated in the U.S., LDS Church takes fight against same-sex marriage to Mexico
The truth about the Hillary Clinton Google conspiracy theory AUTO PLAY
Donald Trump can NEVER be the President
Google ‘Hitler’s birthday’ and you get a very unexpected result
4-in-10 GOP insiders want to derail Trump at the convention
Paul Ryan Cancels Press Conference And Hides From Reporters
NRA Admits It: “Obama Really Hasn’t Had The Opportunity To” Confiscate Guns
Joy Behar posts sexually tinged message to Bernie Sanders
Joe Biden Wrote An Open Letter To The Survivor Brock Turner Sexually Assaulted
Biden waiting on Clinton endorsement
Comets in space do contain building blocks of life
Mel Gibson Prepping a ‘Passion Of The Christ’ Sequel
It’s Official: ‘Suicide Squad’ Lands PG-13 Rating
John Williams Returning To Score Indiana Jones 5
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a great movie about a terrible human being
Train’s ‘Led Zeppelin II’ tribute is confusing and unnecessary