This weekend I was at the 2016 Utah State Democratic Party Convention. There was an exciting part, and, a VERY historic part. Regardless, I am too damn tired to record this week. So, here is a re-broadcast from the 2012 Utah State Democratic Party Convention … Oh, how times have changed.

TLS #284 – The LEFT Show



This week on the left show, we are live at the Utah State Democratic Party’s 2012 Convention!

Jeff Bell, JC Carter and Forrest Shaw are joined by Misty Fowler, James Davis, Billie Gay Larson, Sheryl Ginsberg, Richard Jaramillo, Ernie Gamonal, Bob Henline, Bob Aagard, Arlyn Bradshaw, Debra Ilunga, Brian Faulkner, Wayne Holland, Several people who ran away at the sight of us, and everybody’s favorite Tuesday Night Girlfriend, Pseudo Celebrity Host – JASON WILLIAMS! Ladies and Gantlemen – this is a laugh filled, opinion oriented, Steaming Bucket of WIN!