Fun Show! JM, Melissa, Taylor, and JC are in the studio this week, and there’s a lot to talk about. From Governors to the misbehavior of the angry Bernies and a return to the GOP Jesus Wanker of the Week! – this episode is full! Jason is even back with an All New The Sidetrack about the Hillaries and Bernies – talk about topical!

#282 The LEFT Show


Stuff About Governors!
Gov. Rick Scott Get Dressed Down By This Starbucks Customer
Gov. Scott releases ad attacking woman who attacked him at Starbucks
Gov. Paul LePage Will Teach Democrats Lesson
Pressure To Resign Builds For Alabama Governor Embroiled In Sex Scandal
Periods As Protest: Indiana Women Call Governor To Talk About Menstrual Cycles
Governor McAuliffe vetoes bill that would restrict Planned Parenthood funding
Here’s why doctors are dumbfounded by Utah’s new anti-abortion law
Ted Cruz Budding Prostitution Scandal
Chick Who Maybe Banged Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz posts Mandela tribute on Facebook. His fans go crazy
Hillary Clinton Just Insulted Young Voters in the Worst Way (VIDEO)
The Panama Papers Could Lead to Capitalism’s Great Crisis
A Brief Guide To The Panama Papers
Bernie Sanders On the Panama Papers: Told You So
The Panama Papers could hand Bernie Sanders the keys to the Oval Office
OR The Panama Papers prove Mr. Sanders was wrong about a trade pact with Panama
#1 – Armed hate group met at Texas mosque protest by gun-toting worshipers
#2 – Fracking Doesn’t Cause Earthquakes; God Does!
Quaker Oats Mistakenly Printed Morgan Freeman’s Obituary
Doggy style S3x Caused Woman’s Butt Implants To Explode