Hey! Bob is back! He joins JC Carter and J.M. Bell in the studio – and then a nifty drop in from Melissa Merlot! It’s a taco-tastic episode full of great reactions, and even better information. Join us!

#276 The LEFT Show Podcast


Inside the GOP Implosion and the War to Stop Trump http://bit.ly/21BlhyI
Leaked Tape Catches Trump Begging Mika: Don’t Ask Me “Anything Too Hard”http://bit.ly/21BqkPM
IT STARTS – Ted Cruz Blocks Emergency Relief To Flint But Demanded Aid For Texashttp://bit.ly/21Bo4rM
IT LASHES – Cruz won’t hold up Flint aid deal in Senate http://politi.co/21BmS7N
Ontario to offer grants to cover college tuition for low-income students http://bit.ly/1TLcdpQ
The Brutally Honest Conspiracy Theory Cartoon that NBC Only Aired Oncehttp://bit.ly/1TLckS4
Warren Buffett says negative view of US economy is ‘dead wrong’http://on.msnbc.com/1TLc5q7
ABC Has A Black President! Channing Dungey Makes TV History http://bit.ly/1TLbtkx
Chris Hardwick talks about censorship of women’s bodies and absolutely nails ithttp://bit.ly/1TLcnxt
Idaho Republican thinks ‘trauma’ prevents pregnancy in rape http://bit.ly/1TLcNnm
AUTO PLAY – Obama takes last chance to close Guantanamo Bay http://usat.ly/1TLbF3a
DoD to propose Gitmo closure plan http://politi.co/1TLbvJ6
GOP Slams Obama’s Proposal to Close Gitmo in Weekly Address http://bit.ly/1TLbXHp
THE Single American Woman http://thecut.io/1TLcUzo
An R-Rated Version Of BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Is On The Wayhttp://bit.ly/1QmTMlx
FOX’s R-Rated Wolverine 3 Is Totally Doing the Old Man Logan Thing http://bit.ly/1QmTJWR
The Pogues Irish Whiskey Now Available in U.S. http://bit.ly/1WRF4a7
Razzie Awards 2016 “Winners” Announced http://bit.ly/1WRF3Ti
Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenet Ramsey? http://bit.ly/1WRF1uL