A delightful treat this week as Jeff and Forrest are joined by Felicia Entwistle, President of the Atheists of Utah, and panelist on the Utah Outcasts podcast. With so many high value targets in the news this week, it was hard to find what we wanted to stuff into two hours, but, looking at the links below, I think you’ll find we pulled it off! Jason Williams from The Sidetrack is back with a new chapter on the conservative rhetoric and “fear the other” campaigns repeating since 1933, and succeeding in screwing the working class.

#261 The LEFT Show



Adidas to Help High Schools Change Native American Mascots http://bit.ly/1OxrkB0
Prince William condemns homophobia in surprising Royal first http://bit.ly/1OxrnwV
The BBC has endorsed the Pastafarian universe-origin theory http://bit.ly/1OxryIx
Justin Trudeau said: “Because it’s 2015.” http://on.fb.me/1OxrHvv
Senate Launches Investigation Into ‘Pharma Bro’ Price-Gouging http://bit.ly/1MFdE0j
Volume 4 by Magda-Vega – http://bit.ly/1OxrMPK
U.S. military blew $43 million on “world’s most expensive gas station” http://bit.ly/1OxrQPr
Speaker Paul Ryan Damn Sure He’s The Only American Who Deserves Weekendshttp://bit.ly/1Oxs1um
Marco Rubio says he’d like to have a beer with Malala. She’s an under-age Muslim.http://bit.ly/1OxsnAX
Ben Carson Caught In Big Lie About West Point Scholarship – UPDATED http://bit.ly/1OxsjBc
Ben Carson Campaign Admits Claim Of West Point Acceptance Is False http://bit.ly/1Oxsqgf
Ben Carson Concedes That Details From His Biography Were ‘Fictitious’ http://bit.ly/1OxsooA
Ben Carson: My ideas about pyramids are ‘not silly at all’ — they’re in the Biblehttp://bit.ly/1OxstbO
Ben Carson: I Was Named ‘Most Honest’ Student In My Nonexistent Yale Classhttp://bit.ly/1MFfnmr
Cop Stages Own Murder After Stealing from Kids Program to Pay for Porn, Mortgage Paymentshttp://bit.ly/1MFgW3K
Mormon Church to Declare Gay People—and Their Children—Apostateshttp://slate.me/1MFekCZ
a·pos·tate noun
1. a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.
synonyms: dissenter, defector, deserter, traitor, backslider, turncoat
Mormon Church: No Baptism for Kids of Same-Sex Couples http://bit.ly/1MFeCtn
Equality Utah’s response to the LDS Church’s policy on children of same-sex parentshttp://on.fb.me/1MFeYAk
New Jersey Pastor Fakes ‘Muslim’ Attack On Self, For ‘Personal’ Reasons http://bit.ly/1MFgTVq
Conservative School Board Members Who Pushed For ‘Patriotic’ History Get Bootedhttp://bit.ly/1MFgX7E
Disney Wiping Slave Leia From All Star Wars Merchandise http://bit.ly/1MFgYZu
Brace Yourselves: An All-Female Re-Make Of “Ocean’s 11” Is Coming http://bit.ly/1MFfhuU
Quentin Tarantino Has ‘Surprise’ Coming, Says Fraternal Order of Police http://rol.st/1MFfzSJ
Robot becomes a leader among fish http://bit.ly/1MFgsdM
Hubble’s 4K images of Jupiter reveal mysterious wispy thread in Great Red Spothttp://bit.ly/1MFgsKT
NASA has figured out how Mars was stripped clean of water http://bit.ly/1MFgQsW