Dear White Christian America:

Just as when you demand Muslims stand up against Islamic terrorists to prove there are “good Muslims”, then I, a fellow white American, am publicly challenging you to stand up against white American terrorists when they kill black Americans in cold blood.

Don’t say it was a lone wolf, or a nut case, or shrug and shake your head about why it happened.

Stop telling racist jokes.

Stop proliferating racial stereotypes.

Stop vowing to “put white back in the White House”.

Stop brandishing your assault rifles as a pack of you roam poor black neighborhoods while claiming to be defending your constitutional rights.

Stop allowing institutional racism that leads to unarmed black men being gunned down by police, and our prisons being disproportionately filled up with black men and women who are convicted of the same crimes that white people often receive only probation for.

Stop allowing the Confederate flag to fly on or near public buildings; it is not a symbol of state’s rights, it is a symbol of slavery, oppression, and divisiveness.

Stop the hate.

Stop the killing.

Stop allowing all the things that have always kept us separate.
Find love, peace, and unity.

Robert A. Easton