JC, Bob, AND Taylor all found somewhere else to be today, so Alex and Brenda filled in and made things both funny and fun!

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End Of FatCamp!
The 12-hour period from first shot to confirmed death of suspect  http://bit.ly/1JNVVaW
#McKinney Pool Fight was started by White Neighbors who racially slurred, attacked Black Kids  http://bit.ly/1JNWcKY
Tweets Are the Best Response to the White McKinney Man Who Called Police  http://bit.ly/1JNWfX7
McKinney cop had to defend himself from being ‘shanked’ by pool party teens  http://bit.ly/1JNX1mV
15-Year-Old Who Shot McKinney Pool Party Video Speaks Out  http://bit.ly/1JNWgua
10 Stories That The Mainstream Media Ignored While Obsessing Over Caitlyn Jenner  http://bit.ly/1JNWqSh
Declassified Pentagon Report Proves US Helped Create ISIS  http://bit.ly/1JNWuS1
Jeb Bush to announce he’s running for president   http://bit.ly/1JNWAJj
Jeb Bush In 1995: Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed  http://huff.to/1JNWyRI
Sanders discloses credit card debt  http://bfpne.ws/1JNWLo8
Science & Entertainment
R.I.P. ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Star And Heavy Metal Singer Sir Christopher Lee  http://uproxx.it/1JNWWQe
Hammond And May To Reject £4m BBC Deal In Favour Of Joining Clarkson At Netflix   http://bit.ly/1JNWVMm
Country Star Tim McGraw Just Bought 144 Homes For Veterans http://bit.ly/1JNX3v9
Dave Grohl breaks leg after falling off stage in Sweden, finishes concert anyway  http://bit.ly/1JNX81Z
Fox Host Hits Santorum On Pope And Climate Change: You’re Not A Scientist (VIDEO)  http://bit.ly/1JNXc1K
Chris Christie Suggests Students Sell Themselves To Investors To Pay For College  http://bit.ly/1JNXsOa
Glenn Beck Warns That 10,000 Pastors Are Willing To Die Opposing Marriage Equality  http://bit.ly/1JO0phL
Rumsfeld Now Says George W. Bush was Wrong About Iraq  http://bit.ly/1JO0yBN
Burglary and Vandalism at Delta Restaurant and Home  http://bit.ly/1JO0DWg
Young Delta, Utah man robbed, had ‘Die Fag’ carved into his arm, forced to drink bleach  http://bit.ly/1JO0KB0
Washington Civil Rights Activist Outed as White by Her Parents  http://bit.ly/1JO0Por