A crowded house this weeks sees JC Carter, Bob Easton, Forrest Shaw, and Melissa Merlot joining JM Bell in the studio to cover the news of the week you thought you’d left behind!

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The TLS Links

Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols Hospitalized Due to Stroke http://bet.us/1KhGBlT
The First Teaser Trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead is here! http://bit.ly/1KhH0F4
‘Yoga Hosers’ Is A Counter To Male-Centric Comic-Book Movies http://uproxx.it/1KhH5Z8
Amy Schumer: I’m 160 pounds and ‘can catch a d–k whenever I want’ http://bit.ly/1KhH9rS
Ted Cruz Endorses Background Checks http://bit.ly/1KhIq2h
Graham: ‘Don’t vote for me’ if you’re ‘worn out by war’ http://bit.ly/1KhIdft
Meet The Only Prominent GOP Presidential Candidate Who Accepts Climate Sciencehttp://bit.ly/1KhIgI0
NOAA Study Confirms Global Warming Speed-Up Is Imminent http://bit.ly/1KhHnzj
West Jordan students protest ‘sexist’ dress code with ‘not an object’ stickershttp://bit.ly/1KhIfEc
Female Student Loses National Honor Society Position For Wearing Sundress… In Florida Heathttp://bit.ly/1KhIleS
Arkansas Family Values Rep Who Regifted Children To A Rapist Still Sure He’s The Victimhttp://bit.ly/1KhIb7n
The Bizarre, Shania Twain-Based Argument For Keeping McDonald’s Wages Lowhttp://bit.ly/1KhIizG
Selling Off Apache Holy Land http://nyti.ms/1KhIa3f
The Canadian Government Systematically Tortured And Abused Aboriginal Children For 100 Years http://bit.ly/1KhIaQF
New Documentary Short “Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission” Focuses on Fan Series Star Trek Continueshttp://bit.ly/1KhIlvB
The ‘Entourage’ Movie Accidentally Hired Real Porn Stars For A Sex Scenehttp://uproxx.it/1KhInDu