Great panel this evening, as Danielle from Hello Sweetie, Podcast! Stops in to claim her prize and gets sabotaged in turn. Forrest, Bob, and JM Bell round out the crew to cover some of the goofiest, oddest, and most insane news from the week you thought you’d left behind!

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SEG 1 – 
FBI and Homeland Security Respond to Shocking Goatse Bomb in Atlanta
Marvel’s toy line just erased Black Widow from her own scene in ‘Age of Ultron’
‘Air Sex: The Movie’ Is An Insincere Masterpiece About Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
Dad Creep-Shamed Over ‘Star Wars’ Selfie
SEG 2 – 
Texas House passes bill to stigmatize patients getting insurance through Obamacare
Idaho teacher wishes someone would ‘Ray Rice’ non-Mormon who wants to be school president
House Republicans Want To Block Predatory Lending Protections For American Troops
Vermont Republican not resigning despite multiple rape charges
The NSA Actually Named a Program Skynet
SEG 3 – 
Wisconsin GOP Passes Bill Banning Poor People From Buying Shellfish, Potatoes And Ketchup
Conservative Host Sandy Rios Thinks Amtrak Engineer’s Sexuality Is ‘A Factor’ In Crash
Breaking–Exclusive: Activist Admits Her Testimony To Senators On Texas Anti-Gay Bill Was False
Here are 12 ways the GOP would destroy the US if they controlled the White House after 2016
SEG 4 – 
Washington woman says she was ‘well within her rights’ to shoot at husband for not doing chores
David Lynch: ‘Twin Peaks’ Showtime Revival “Happening Again”
The Simpsons loses the voice of Ned Flanders as Harry Shearer quits
The previously lost film that played before Empire Strikes Back has been found
Conservative spurns Obamacare and insurance — but blames Obama now that he’s going broke and blind