There’s a piece of advice I got a few years ago that goes a little like this: If you act like an asshole, don’t get pissed when people tell stories about you being an asshole. Then again, if you’re an asshole, chances are you just think that you’re behaving normally … whatever – quit your whining!

This episode finds JM Bell, Bob Easton, JC Carter, and the ever present Forrest Shaw welcome Bob Henline back to the Defenestrate Media studio to feed us and drag the conversation screaming back to Utah stuff.

Tune in and revel in the venting spleens! Henline did a thing, and Jeff is NOT happy about it. There’s even some yelling and name calling!

It’s Jeff and Brenda’s anniversary tomorrow, so, you know, go donate or something!

176 The LEFT Show – More Inside Baseball



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