Wrong Thursday? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Seriously? What is all this hubbub about? Well, it’s about worker and slave labor exploitation, and, as lefties, we know THAT IT IS WRONG without having to be told or have it slowly explained in small, simple words! Why waste the time and effort (and burning all those irreplaceable and poisonous fossil fuels) running around enriching the Waltons or Pacific Rim Sweat Shop Tyrants when you could annoy a Republican instead?


The Affordable Care Act? Government Shutdowns? The GOP War on Women? Hate? Bigotry? Attacks on LGBT Americans? Every time a group of family or friends find occasion to gather, someone is there who bugs the sanity out of everyone else – most often, it would seem, are the GOPper lawmakers themselves. Birthers, Tea-Party-ists, Santorumites, wpping-sad-sack-Romney-bots, bigots, Log Cabinistas, and just plain old Party Line Marching GOPpers of Unusual Peskiness – Someone ia always there to add a bit of wing-nuttery to your life.

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The guys at The LEFT Show would like to help you keep the balance this Holiday season – and all through the year. It works like this: You give a little, we annoy someone for you. You give a bit more, we annoy them a bit more. You give a lot, we annoy a lot, send you gifts, and have Jason read some naughty romance novel pages at you! We’ll let the GOPper of your choice know that a donation was made, in their name, to the most Militant Lefty Show in the world in nearly any way you can imagine. Imagine the frustrated faces! You know they have it coming, so, why not give it to them?

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Thanks again for listening, folks! Happiest of Holidays from your pals at The LEFT Show!

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